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Caribbean based Advocates

To carry out our mission Caribbean Aid CIC will secure Advocates throughout the Caribbean region. The Advocates by profession will be doctors or those working for government children departments such as but not limited to:

  • The Office of Children’s Advocates – Jamaica
  • Children’s Authority – Trinidad and Tobago
  • Child Care Board – Barbados
  • Child Welfare Authority – Grenada
  • Child Development and Guidance Centre – St Lucia
  • Community Health Service – St Vincent
  • Ministry of Social Services, Family and Gender Affairs – Dominica

Caribbean Aid CIC assists children in need throughout the Caribbean; its services are not limited to the Islands listed above.

The purpose of the Advocate:

  • To provide a free and confidential service to parents and families of children in need of specialist medical treatment overseas regarding access to Caribbean Aid CIC
  • To complete and submit Caribbean Aid CIC Overseas Medical Assistance (OMA) application on behalf of the child
  • To inform and update Caribbean Aid CIC of any present or future government legislation regarding funding for children in need of specialist medical treatment overseas.
  • If government legislation regarding funding is not in place, what is being done to address this?
  • To provide Caribbean Aid CIC with relevant information regarding each case enabling Caribbean Aid CIC to make informed decisions

UK based Advocate – Doctors

Our UK based Advocate will be doctors, they will assess each case by a thorough review of the information provided by the Caribbean based Advocate, most importunately the medical report and details of overseas medical specialist.

Drawing on their scientific knowledge and well developed clinical judgement, he or she must:

  • Apply their knowledge and skills to synthesise information from a variety of sources in order to reach the best available diagnosis and understanding of the patient’s problem, and know the steps needed to be taken to secure such an outcome.
  • To clarify the condition of the patient and advise Caribbean Aid CIC on the severity of the condition, taking into account the clients personal and social circumstances


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