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Below you will find appeals for help on behalf of Caribbean children in desperate need of specialist medical treatment that is not available in their home countries and must be obtained overseas.

Sending patients for treatment overseas is an expensive undertaking, and for many parents and families often emotionally paralysed by overwhelming grief, the huge cost of treatment overseas just adds to the feeling of hopelessness, uncertainty, and despair.

Please take a moment to consider the health issues of the child and their urgent need for your help.

Will you give the help that is so desperately needed?

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Please Note: In accordance with the policy of Caribbean Aid, no money is ever given to parents. Payments are made directly to the medical establishment treating the child.

Rafael’s Appeal

Jamaica Flag





Appeal amount: £57.000

Appeal started: 12th November 2017

Looking for hope

Help us to save Rafael’s leg

2-year-old Rafael was born with a severe deformity of his right leg, the deformity is caused by a rare medical condition known as Tibial hemimelia. Unfortunately, in Jamaica, amputation of Rafael’s leg is the only available option.

Driven by a mothers love, alternative treatment was searched for and found by Rafael’s mother. Now, begin their battle, to raise the cost of Rafael’s surgery.

Rafael needs £57.000 to secure reconstructive surgery at The Paley Institute, in the United States. Read more

Ariella’s Appeal – (Closed)

St Vincent The Grenadines





Ended 26th August 2016


Four year old Ariella lives in Union Island, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. She suffers with a condition known as ‘Steroid Resistant Nephrotic Syndrome’, a condition that causes the kidneys to leak large amounts of protein into the urine.

Ariella is in desperate need of ultrasound guided renal biopsy and possible immunosuppressive therapy, the treatment required is not available in her home country and must be obtained overseas at a total cost of £2,470.00. Read More

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